Any person wishing to initiate an official complaint of an academic integrity violation against any Northeastern student may do so by submitting an online report to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Options for Instructors Reporting Alleged Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy:

A faculty member who suspects a student in his or her class, or working under his or her direction, of violating the Academic Integrity Policy can choose to:

  • File official charges with the OSCCR, or
  • Submit the complaint as an “information only” case to request that the incident be kept “on file” for the student.

Filing Official Charges:

The Director of OSCCR will review all complaints submitted against a student to determine whether sufficient evidence for a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy exists. If the Director determines that the evidence is sufficient, the case will be assigned to a staff member within the OSCCR. The staff member will assign the case to an Administrative Hearing or to the Student Conduct Board as appropriate.

The office does not investigate incidents.  Therefore, some incidents submitted may be referred back to the complainant if additional information is necessary.  Once a case is assigned and necessary documentation is received by the office, the student will be notified of the incident, charges, and a meeting time to discuss the resolution of the case.

Submitting a Complaint for “information only” or to be “kept on file”

An instructor who believes that a student made an unintentional mistake and who does not want to file an official complaint may submit an “information only” complaint. The faculty member will speak with the student suspected of violating the policy before sending forward a complaint. OSCCR will inform the student via e-mail when it receives an “information only” complaint. This correspondence will provide the student with resources to avoid potential future violations as well as notice that another “information only” complaint for an Academic Integrity violation may result in an official charge and meeting with a member of the OSCCR staff.

Please Note: When an “information only” complaint is received by OSCCR for a student who already has one or more “information only” complaints on file, OSCCR reserves the right to determine whether there are sufficient facts in the new complaint to support a charge of an Academic Integrity violation.

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