Students have five (5) business days from the date of their decision letter to appeal the decision of either the Hearing Administrator or the SCB . All conduct hearing appeals will be heard by the Appeals Board, which consists of three voting members: one representative from Academic Affairs, one representative from Student Life, and a trained student representative . The Director of OSCCR, or designee, will serve as an advisor of the Appeals Board . When a current participant of a Global Experience Office program or a Student Organization files an appeal, a staff member of those respective programs will join the Appeals Board . Appeals must be made in writing using the electronic Appeal Request Form and must demonstrate one of the following grounds for appeal:

  • Procedural Error: The student asserts a procedural error impaired his or her right to a fair opportunity to be heard
  • New Information: Information has arisen that could not reasonably have been made available during the original hearing and may have been sufficient to alter the original Student Conduct Board/Hearing Administrator’s decision
  • Review of Sanctions: The student requests a review of the imposed sanction(s), citing undue hardship caused by sanctioning or individual extraordinary circumstances¬†

The appeals process is primarily a paper process and will not involve a meeting with the charged student or other persons unless requested by the Appeals Board . The Appeals Board will review the electronic appeal submitted by the appealing party, the documentation from the original case, and any other information deemed necessary by OSCCR . The audio or video recording of the original hearing (in the case of SCB hearings) will be made available to the Appeals Board . Please Note: The submitting of an Appeal Request Form will not operate to stay the effect of sanctions imposed by the Hearing Administrator or the Student Conduct Board/Title IX/Sex and Gender-Based Harassment Board . The Appeal Request Form may request that sanctions imposed be stayed, or modified, pending the determination of the appeal, and the reasons for such request are to be set forth within the Appeal Request Form . The Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Life, or their designee, in his or her discretion may suspend, stay, or modify sanctions imposed, subject to such conditions as they may deem appropriate

The Notice of Appeal Form is available here.

Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for a more detailed explanation of the appeals process.


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