Case Load20-2119-2018-19
Total Number of Cases167325882588
Administrative Hearings (NUin, OSCCR, OSCCR AI, Res Life)120611991741
Admitted Responsibility Meetings1159
Student Conduct Boards72220
Medical Amnesty235267
Academic Integrity Info Only210289223
Noise Only - Email only39180359
Title IX Board42224
Other* (NUin Info Only, OSCCR Info Only, RL Info Only)1437866

Inactive Sanctions
Written Warning285267552
Disciplinary Probation566559618
Deferred Suspension79144188
Active Sanctions20-2119-2018-19
Written Assignments664589707
Mandated Service613666
Counseling Evaluations61610
OPEN - Alcohol & Other Drug Education194256340
Disruptive Gathering Host Seminar000
Disciplinary Fines119211259
Cancellation of Residence Hall Agreement121

ChargeAccepted ResponsibilityResponsibleTotal
Academic Integrity17686262
Aiding and Abetting17320
Violation of Alcohol Policies
Alcohol - Devices For Heavy Consumption202
Alcohol - Possession of Empties20323
Alcohol - Possession or Consumption13520155
Alcohol - Provide to Minors9615
Alcohol - Sale or Distribution044
Alcohol - Unauthorized Quantity224
Alcohol - Underage Presence46955
Bias-Related Incidents000
Breaking and Entering or Theft (Combine)37
Breaking and Entering or Theft - ATM... Computers325
Breaking and Entering or Theft - Stolen Property347
Breaking and Entering or Theft - Theft18725
Dangerous Weapons000
Disorderly Conduct523284
Disruptive Gatherings111021
Violation of Drug Policies
Drugs - Company000
Drugs - Manufacturing or Cultivation000
Drugs - Paraphernalia909
Drugs - Possession or Consumption17219
Drugs - Providing or Sharing000
Drugs - Sale or Distribution022
Drugs - Sale, Distribution, or Manufacture022
Endangering Behavior291342
Excessive Consumption17926
Failure to Comply (Combine)26
Failure to Comply - Directions17926
Failure to Comply - Sanctions000
Fire Safety (Combine)15
Fire Safety - Failure to Vacate000
Fire Safety - Setting a Fire, Causing False Alarm, Reckless Conduct213
Fire Safety - Tampering11112
Inappropriate Identification (Combine)40
Inappropriate Identification - False ID37239
Inappropriate Identification - Manufacture000
Inappropriate Identification - Representing Self101
Misrepresentation of information14721
NUin Policy Violations (Combine)49
NUin - and Host Institution Guest Policy505
Violation of The Program Supplemental Guide11112
NUin - Violation of Host Institution Policy32032
Physical Abuse033
Unauthorized Access39342
University Guest Policy44953
Violation of A Guide to Residence Hall Living40687493
Violation of Professional Conduct in Degree Program628
Violation of Title IX Policies (Combine)3
Domestic Violence (TIX)000
Gender-based Harassment (TIX)000
Sexual Assault (TIX) - Attempt011
Sexual Assault (TIX) - With penetration000
Sexual Assault (TIX) - Without penetration000
Sexual Exploitation (TIX)000
Sexual Harassment (TIX)011
Stalking (TIX)011
Violation of University Policies8519104

*The “Other” category of cases includes the following type of cases: Conflict Resolution, FSL Standards, Information Only, Lockout Letter.

**”Inappropriate sexual behavior” represents violations of sexual assault, and sexual misconduct as described in the Code of Student Conduct.

The numbers listed under “Standards of Conduct” represent the number of disciplinary charges. They do not necessarily represent the number of students, since a student could be charged with multiple violations.

These numbers are approximations and do not represent final counts for the academic year. These numbers are for informational purposes.

The “~” symbol indicates that those statistics were not reported during the indicated reporting period.

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