The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution sees parents/guardians as partners in ensuring student success. We appreciate you taking the time to review this page and encourage you to review other areas of our website as well. You may be reading this because your student has shared with you that they have an upcoming hearing, you may be curious about our process or standards, or you may have received a letter from our office. We hope this information helps you understand our role and provides answers to some of your questions.

The staff members in OSCCR are considered educators and are responsible for helping your student uphold Northeastern’s Code of Student Conduct. The conduct process strives to provide an educational approach to resolve alleged violations of the Code. The primary focus of this process is to maintain a safe and respectful learning environment for all members of the Northeastern community.

After participating in the conduct process at Northeastern, students will:

  • Recognize their role as a member of the University community
  • Understand how their choices and actions relate to their values, beliefs and/or goals
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their choices and actions
  • Increase their understanding of how their choices and actions affect others
  • Increase their understanding of the Code of Student Conduct
  • Identify and connect to other campus and community resources
  • Increase their understanding of how to evaluate consequences before making decisions
  • Be positively influenced by the interaction in regards to their future choices

Frequently Asked Parent/Guardian Questions