Student Expectations

Each Northeastern student can expect:

    • Written notification of any and all alleged Code of Student Conduct violations within a reasonable* period of time from the filing of the complaint or incident report pertinent to those allegations. This notification will state the date, time, and place of the administrative hearing or pre-hearing meeting, in the case of a Student Conduct Board hearing. The date, place of incident, and the name of the complainant will also be included.
    • The opportunity to reschedule a hearing date up to one (1) business day prior to the hearing, due to academic or other reasonable* conflicts.
    • To request that an administrative hearing be suspended after the presentation of evidence should the student desire to reevaluate responsibility for the charges.
    • The hearing may proceed without the student’s presence, consistent with the Code of Student Conduct.
    • To receive the decision letter within a reasonable* period of time from the conclusion of all hearings pertinent to the case.

* Reasonable as determined by OSCCR.

In cases where a Student Conduct Board hearing will be scheduled, the following procedural rights apply, as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct:

    • To review, in writing, all written information pertinent to his or her case a minimum of one (1) business day prior to the designated Student Conduct Board hearing date, and to rebut unfavorable inferences that might be drawn from such statements during the Student Conduct Board hearing.
    • To a hearing with no fewer than five (5) Student Conduct Board members present. A student may waive this right if the student wishes to convene a hearing with no fewer than three (3) Student Conduct Board members.
    • To request the removal of any number of names from the list of prospective conduct board members, with proper notification and explanation.
    • To question witnesses, to produce witnesses on the student’s own behalf, and to present substantiating information and written personal statements on the student’s own behalf. Witnesses are defined as individuals who were at the incident in question and/or have information pertinent to the incident in question.
    • To choose an advisor, as outlined within the Structure and Procedure section of the Code of Student Conduct, to serve as a guide throughout the Student Conduct Board Process.
    • To choose to appeal any decision within five (5) business days of the date of the decision letter on the basis of: procedural error, new information that has arisen that was not available at the time of the hearing, or review of the imposed sanctions based on personal circumstances.

Each Northeastern student has the responsibility:

    • To review and abide by the University’s Code of Student Conduct and University Policies and Procedures.
    • To maintain their University email address* and respond to any Northeastern University notifications sent directly to the individual student.
    • To maintain their local address information and update it at the beginning of each semester when they are an active student.
    • To represent the University appropriately, both on and off campus.
    • To respect the differences of individuals and treat others in a civil and respectful fashion.
    • To carry their University ID with them at all times and present it to officials when requested.

* Northeastern considers and assumes any communications sent to a student’s official Northeastern e-mail account to be received by the student.

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Incident Report Quick Links

How to Report an Incident

Please fully read the instructions on this page before filling out our online submission form.  Once you are done, you may click the link below to open the reporting page in a new window.
Report an Incident to OSCCR

Report an Academic Integrity Violation

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To report a bias related incident, please review Northeastern University’s Bias Incident Report Protocol.